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Our goal is to: advance aviation to new heights by providing strategic solutions for manpower. We are aware that the professionalism, expertise, and skill of an aviation operation’s staff directly affect its success. To ensure safe and effective skies for everyone, AeroLyceum Consultancy is dedicated to partnering aviation companies with the best talent in the sector.

Why Choose AeroLyceum Consultancy?

Aviation Experts:

By offering tactical manpower solutions, we hope to take aviation to new heights. We are aware that an aviation operation’s staff directly contributes to its success through their professionalism, knowledge, and abilities. AeroLyceum Consultancy is committed to partnering with aviation companies with the best talent in the industry to ensure safe and effective skies for everyone.


Global Reach, Local Expertise:

AeroLyceum Consultancy employs a vast network of aviation experts to conduct business on a global scale. We can offer the right talent that satisfies your regional and operational requirements, whether you need a qualified pilot or an experienced engineer.

Stringent Vetting Process:

In aviation, competence, and safety come first. Because of this, we employ a stringent hiring procedure that includes background checks, technical evaluations, and in-depth interviews. We make sure that each candidate we suggest has the skills and character that mesh with the ideals of your business.



Tailored Solutions:

We at AeroLyceum Consultancy understand that every aviation company has different staffing needs. We can customize our services, from short-term contracts to long-term placements, based on your unique needs thanks to our consultative approach.

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